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Лицензирани експресни преводачески услуги.
Лицензирани експресни преводачески услуги.
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Kyrgyz language
Kazakh language




   Kyrgyz is a Turkic language of the northwestern group of Turkic languages.

   Kyrgyz is spoken mostly in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz together with Russian is an official language in the country), partially in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and China, as well as in northeastern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The number of people who speak Kyrgyz goes beyond 2.5 million. The Kyrgyz language has two main dialects: southern and northern.

   Written sources of mid Asian Mongol rulers were known since the XIV-XV century. The language was old-Uzbek and they used local dialects, some of which formed the Kyrgyz language later.

   During the ХVІІ-ХVІІІ century the creation of the epic "Manas" in Kyrgyz was completed. During the same period the Kyrgyz language fell under the influence of the west Mongolian languages. In the ХІХ century the Kyrgyz people became part of Russia and the Kyrgyz language fell under the influence of the Russian.

   Kyrgyz is similar to the mountain Altaic languages. It is possible that by nature it is an eastern Turkic language. But the current state of the Kyrgyz language brings it closer to the northwestern group of Turkic languages.

   The modern Kyrgyz language had no alphabet until 1923, when a new writing system based on the Arabic script was created. Later, the Kyrgyz language switches to Latin and finally to Russian script (1940). And currently, the Kyrgyz language uses the Russian script.

   In the vocabulary of the Kyrgyz language there are many words borrowed from Arabic, Farsi, Russian.


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