Агенция за преводи и легализация на документи. Преводи от сръбски език, преводи на сръбски език.
Технически,юридически,финансови,медицински преводи и легализация. Заверки на документи
Технически,юридически,финансови,медицински преводи и легализация. Заверки на документи
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Превод от турски, преводи на турски.


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Company profile

   INDICTIO is a translation, legalization and consulting company. Considering the general tendencies of convergence between nations, the ever-growing cooperation in the field of economy and culture, the movement of people in the time of globalization, we participate and aim at assisting these processes. Our goal is to help our customers conquer new areas and overcome the barriers impeding communication and understanding.

   INDICTIO cooperates with its customers and helps them discover new opportunities on the basis of professionalism, efficiency and thorough knowledge of different cultures and traditions. We rely on professionals, interpreters and consultants. We employ the right people having specific skills, and we manage the whole process from assigning a task up to its completion.

Our job

   Linguistic communication today is a complex process. Mutual penetration between languages is an obvious fact. Therefore, the work of an interpreter requires profound knowledge and vast experience. We have them and we are delighted to be helpful to our customers.

   By combining into an integral process all stages through which a document or a project is undergoing, our company ensures their full execution. Thus the customers have the opportunity to focus on their business and to optimize their operations on a long-term basis. We provide individual servicing of customers in compliance with their concrete demands.

The way we do it

   People and their professional level and experience are a basic factor in our work. Therefore INDICT employs interpreters that have proved their qualities and have gained professional experience during the years. We aim at finding the right person that matches high proficiency level of a language with a concrete expertise in a given area.Among the interpreters one could find philologists, lawyers, experts with higher economic, medical and technical education.

   The intensive diversification in many spheres like medicine, technique and science demand a thorough knowledge in specific matter. For this reason the company resorts to the assistance and qualified services of consultants that help make the translation as precise as possible.

What we do?

Translations from and to most of the languages spoken in the world

   - Written translations:
      • official documents
      • commercial and bank documents and correspondence – contracts, letters, etc.
      • legal documents
      • tender documentation
      • technical documentation
      • medical documents
      • other

   - Oral translations:
      • simultaneous, consecutive translations
      • providing translation for meetings, conferences, etc.
      • accompanying during trips inside the country and abroad

   - Consultations:
      • written consultations about issues of different fields of law
      • consultations about the preparation of documents in compliance with the requirements of different legal systems and procedures.

   - Apostille:
      • authentification of documents by ministries and institutions
      • authentication of documents by foreign embassies

   - Legalization:
      • legalization of documents by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires

   INDICT ltd provides not only services of high quality that meet the requirements of customers, but it focuses its efforts on the optimization of costs and time needed for every single assigned task. Therefore, big companies as well as medium-sized and small ones are our customers. It is an established fact that new customers approach us at the recommendation of permanent clients

Our advantages:

   • high-quality translation made within the deadline agreed upon
   • confidentiality in regard to the information provided to us during the work process
   • providing clear offers before initiation of work
   • permanent contact with the customer
   • full compliance with costomer requirements for deadlines concerning the preparation and delivery of materials

   By making this presentation, we would like to acquaint our potential customers with INDICTIO. Therefore, we have described our company, its services and team. Our clients to whom we provide translations, authentications and consultations for years on end are the criteria of the quality of our work. Those who do not yet know us we invite to a meeting in order to discuss potential areas of cooperation.

INDICTIO remains at your service.


tel: 02 943 45 23

GSM: 0897 841111

e-mail: office@indictio.com


Агенция за преводи и легализация на документи. Преводи от словашки език, преводи на словашки език.

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